एक कहे कल्पद्रुम है, इमि पूरत है सबकी चितचाहे ।
एक कहे अवतार मनोज, की यो तनमे अति सुंदरता है ।
भुषण एक कहे महि इंदु यो, राजविराजत बाढयौ महा है ।
एक कहे नरसिंह है संगर, एक कहे नरसिंह सिवा है ॥
- कविराज भुषण

अर्थ :-
यास कोणी कल्पवृक्ष म्हणतात, कारण हा सर्वांचे मनोरथ पूर्ण करतो.
हा सौंदर्यसंपन्न असल्याने कोणी याला मदनाचा अवतार म्हणतात.
भुषण याला पृथ्वीवरचा चंद्र म्हणतो, कारण याचे राज्य कलेकलेने वाढत आहे.
कोणी याच्या युद्धातील पराक्रमामुळे यास सिंह म्हणतात तर कोणी प्रत्यक्ष नृसिंह भगवानच समजतात.
कारण ज्याप्रमाने नरसिंहाने हिरण्यकशपुचे पोट फाडले तद्वातच शिवरायांनी आपल्या वाघनखांनी अफजलखानाची आतडी काढली.

This is my enquiry about Tiger claws . Tiger Claws of Shivaji Maharaj is now in Victoria and Albert Museum London. 
Dear Deepak,

Thank you for your e-mail.

The piece you have enquired about is not in display in the galleries
but is in storage. I have had a look throught the records and found the
following details - apologies that they are quite brief:

Tiger claws or 'bagh nakh'. An assassin's weapon composed of five
curved hooks resembling claws attached to a bar with ring ends through
which the first and little fingers are passed. Thus held it can be
concelaed in the palm of the hand. Kolhapur, Maharashtra, 19th

I hope that is of some help.

Best regards,

Melissa Appel
Asian Department

Please note that although V&A staff are pleased to answer enquiries
whenever possible, they cannot accept any legal or other responsibility
for any opinion expressed.

The Victoria and Albert Museum
Established 1852
Cromwell Gardens, South Kensington, London
Collection size 4.6 million objects
Museum area 12.5 acres / 145 galleries

Mark Jones
Nearest tube station(s)
South Kensington

Tipu's sword is Mallya's

The working president of the Janata Party and United Breweries Chairman, Vijay Mallya, poses with the legendary sword of Tipu Sultan in Bangalore on Wednesday. Mr. Mallya had bought it at an auction in London last September for Rs. 1.5 crores. — AP
BANGALORE, APRIL 7. The legendary sword last used by Tipu Sultan is back in Karnataka, 205 years after the British invaders took it as a battle trophy after the `Tiger of Mysore' fell in battle at Srirangapatna on May 4, 1799.
Vijay Mallya, Rajya Sabha MP, displayed the sword before mediapersons here on Wednesday and announced that he was the `mysterious person' who bought the sword at an auction in London in September 2003.
"The sword reached Bangalore just ten days ago... I paid close to Rs 1.50 crores at the auction. Since the sword is of Indian origin, there was no Customs duty to pay," he said.
The liquor baron-turned-politician said that acquiring the sword, paying for it from his personal funds, was a matter of prestige for him and that he was "restoring Karnataka's pride.''
The sword would remain in his custody except during the weeklong anniversary celebrations of Tipu next month when it would be kept for public display at Srirangapatna near Mysore, which was Tipu's capital.
"It will probably be in a bank vault the rest of the time," he added.
Considering the instance of Tagore's Nobel Prize medal going missing, he did not want to take any chances with the precious object.
Present along with the flamboyant Mr. Mallya at the press conference were the traditional guardians of the Ajmer Dargah Sharief, Sahebzada Sayed Mohammed Ilyas Mian and his son Sahebzada Sayed Mohammed Ayaz Mian.
Mr. Mallya explained that he had sought the blessings of the Sufi saint Khwaja Gharib Nawaz at Ajmer before entering the world of politics.
The guardians of the dargah said that Tipu was known as much for his benevolence and tolerance as the valour he showed in battles against the British.
The calligraphy on the sword vouchsafes for its provenance. On the border of the 36-inch-long steel blade is the following inscription: "The Sword of Tipu Sultan found after Srirangapatnam was taken by Storm on 4th May 1799 and presented by the Army to Major General Baird through their Commander Lieut. General Harris, as a token of their high opinion of his Courage and Conduct in the assault which he commanded and in which Tipu Sultan was slain." The hilt has Arabic inscriptions in praise of the Almighty.
The overall length of the sword is 42 inches. The polished bright steel hilt and the pommel, and the convex pommel cap fitted with a gold loop, form a part of the sword. The scabbard is of velvet with silver gilt. The straight blade with a double-edged point is inlaid in gold with the `orb and parasol' mark ascribed by some historians to imperial Mughal swordsmiths.
The presence of such swords in Mughal paintings, where they are shown as being worn by courtiers or gifted by the emperor, would explain the status of the sword and its probable Mughal-era manufacture. The inscription on the sword, `Samsir-al Malik,' indicates its princely association.
Mr. Mallya said that the sword was among the objects auctioned by the descendants of General Baird to whom it was originally presented after the battle.

The timing of Mr. Mallya's announcement of his acquisition made some six months ago has not gone unnoticed, coming as it does a fortnight before the first phase of polling in Karnataka.
However, the working president of the Janata Party said: "This is not political. It's personal."
Mr. Mallya's party has fielded candidates in more than a hundred Assembly constituencies and half-a-dozen Lok Sabha constituencies in the coming elections in Karnataka.
He described the sword as a unique piece of history and said that he bought it as a `proud Kannadiga' in order to restore the `rightful legacy' to Karnataka.


Nayu said...

BLog khupach chhan ahe...mahitpurn ahe..mi sadhya London madhe ahe...ani mi "Bhavani Talwar" display la kuthe ahe he shodhat hote...ya blog mule mala ti mahiti milali...dhanyavad...

abhiram said...

Great Job

shinde said...

Thanks for this great information... Is it possible that to bring bhavani sword to india..

rahul said...

start activity to bring our "BHAVANI TALVAR,WAGH NAKH, 1400 kg GOLD SIHASAN....& KOH-I-NOOR DIAMOND (eariler ‘Samantik Mani’) All r in LONDEN...

Arjun said...

If Vijay Mallya can sure bring the sword of shivaji maharaj even if we have to pay 10 times more than 1.5 crore.

Arjun said...

I will bring back Shivaji's famed sword : Modi
September 13, 2007
Surat : Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today said he will do everything possible to bring back the famed sword of Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji from United Kingdom.
"I will bring back the 'Bhawani' sword of Chhatrapati Shivaji from Britain in the same way I brought the ashes of Shamji Krishna Varma ( a freedom fighter from Gujarat)", Modi said while addressing a large gathering at the Samast Maharashtrian Mahasammelan organised in Limbayat area of the city, housing a populace of three lakh Marathi-speaking people.
"The government at the Centre cannot bring it back but I will do everything possible to bring back the sword," Modi said taking a dig at the UPA government at the Centre.
Modi had in 2003 brought back the ashes of Shyamji Krishna Varma from Switzerland.
Commenting on the Sheikh Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, Modi said "both Congress and the media has raked up the entire issue. But I will not allow any terrorist to set foot in my state."
"The Central government does not have the guts to fight terrorists", Modi said adding terrorist groups were behind all the bomb attacks in the country in the past few years.

stupid said...

how did it reach there, London, in first place? and why?

Shreyas said...

it's Kanhoji Angre...and not Shivaji Maharaj who is called the father of indian Navy....

Shreyas said...

dear's apparent that you are stupid like your name...didn't you read that it was snatched from shivaji the fourth taking advantage of his small age..

ragz said...

nice work man,

mazya mahiti pramane bhavani talwar hi kudal chaya malsawantani rajana bhet deeli hoti,
tila rajani bhavani naav deela,

ani mag pudhe kkenva taree kuna engrajane anakhi ek 'phirang' rajana bhet deeli, tila rajani 'tulaja' naav deela,

varil mahiti chukichi asu shakate,
kunakade jast details asalyas plzz share karavyat

RAHUL said...

This is very informative blog I wanted to visit, very good work done. The topic of Maharaj's sword, Asan is my favorite to discuss. Some times I feel it that the precious things like these are good to left to Britons. As they maintain it so nicely in museums and good amount of money is spent on it. In India museums are badly maintained and politicians are more interested in making their own pockets heavy. And when it will come to India, it will become one political issue also.
I welcome criticism on my comments!
Jai Maharashtra!

Sachin said...

tumhi khup chhan mahiti sampadit keli aahe......tya karanane aamhas changli aani upukt mahiti milali tya baddal aaple dhanyavad.....
ashi ch kamgiri chalu thevavi.....

aamchya shubhechha aaplya sobat sadiav rahatil


sachin Bhosale

gayatri said...

nalayak bhikari britishanney amchya maulyawan vastu jya amchya thorancha shaurryachya pratik hotya
apan bhartiya aplyala laj watli pahijay tya vastu apan parat anlya pahijet

gayatri said...

britishana amchya shur viranchya kashtacha apman kela aahe ..
tyanchi kadhi pragati honar nahi.
he aka bharatiyacha shap aahe

jay bhavani
jay shivaji

jay hind
jay maharashtra

SK Mohammed mansoor akmal said...

This is SK Mohammed Mansoor akmal....

I like tipusultan because he was Great patriot he kept mortgage his kids... and he is The first freedom fighter of our india.....
He fought alone with british.. Nobody help him if someone help him on that time no one have guts to rule our india... he eat 62 bullets on his neck from britishers.... he alone fight with 2000 soldiers of british army in his fort .britishers lock from outside to kill him. he fight up to death wish....
for whom he fought... for indian know one know that...
I love you tippusultan... i like you very much. In my routine life reading are watching about tippu i cant control my tears

Thanks and regards
Sk Mohammed mansoor akmal

rashmi said...

Dear friend SK Mohammed mansoor akmal
there was another fighter Mahadji Shinde Gwalior the great maratha
who Fought with british
british couldnt defeat him till he alived.
In your routine life keep reading or watching about mahadji also I am sure that you cant control your tears..

rashmi said...

Dear friend SK Mohammed mansoor akmal
there was another fighter Mahadji Shinde Gwalior the great maratha
who Fought with british
british couldnt defeat him till he alived.
In your routine life keep reading or watching about mahadji also I am sure that you cant control your tears..

sandeep said...

dear all friends,bhavani talwar hi tar anaychich,pan aapan sarvani aplya balawar, kona politition chya bharvshavar navhe.tevha aapan sarvani milun tyasathi kamala lagle pahije.karan shivaji maharajana aamhala keval putalyat baghun samadhan manayche nahi,tar shivaji aamchya raktat ahe,he britishana dakhvun dyayche aahe.jay shivray!my email id is,

Nitin Ule said...

प्रतापगडावर जे भवानी माता मंदिर आहे त्या मंदिरा मध्ये जी तलवार आहे ती कोणाची आहे हे कोणी सांगू शकेल का... ??? मला माहित होतं पण आता लक्षात नाही. ज्या सरदाराची ती तलवार आहे त्या शूर माणसानी ६०० जणांना त्या तलवारी ने मारले आहे. त्या तलवारी वर ६ स्टार आहेत. (१ स्टार = १०० ठार)

bhojrajpatil( mard maratha) said...

vachal mi vachaycha hote te mazya aine(mhother)sangitale hote sangitale hote pan kay karu mi par gondhalo ahai malza prayatna ahai ki mala ti shivaji maharajachi bhavani talwar parat bhartat anayachi ahai ter sanga mala kon sath deil mazyasi jar contact karayacha asel ter mala phone kara maza no 09728405525chala ter mazya mard mavlyano jage hva aani tayar hva shivaji maharaja talawar anayala maza email id ahai to asa,, chala ter mavlyanno mala please madat kara mala phone karaaani 1 sangaych rahile jar maza lekh babasaheb purandare wachtil ter please aapn mala 1di phone nakki kara mala asa ahai ki mard mavle mala nakkich phone kartil jay jay jay jay jay bhavani jay jay jay jay jay jay shivaji

rahul1588 said...

In other words we can say that britishers are the theives...

sandy said...

Sagala lutun nela re goryani, kahi thewal nahi. Tyani amuche itihas pusun swatache rachale pan apan urale surale awashesh wechale, shodhanya apala khara itihas

Pravin P Patil said...

Mala bhavani talvar anaychi nhi jamli tr waghnakhe tr nakkich anen. Mg tyasathi underworld chi madat ghyavi lagli kinva tya musium madhe daroda ghalava lagla tri chalel. Ani ya kamasathi kontyahi politician chi madat ghenar nhi. Aplya Marathi matit ani SAHYADRI madhe khup takat ahe, ti mla madat Karel. Jay Shambho!
Pravin P Patil 9730495454

vilas awasare said...

Mohammad mansoor sahab...aap shayad jaante yudh sangram me sabse bada Balidan Chatrapati Shivaji maharaj ka hai.unhone hi sab yoddhao ko prerit kiya Tha.unke saathiyo me bahotse Muslim mjhb ke bhi the .unka target jaati dharm nahi Tha.wo to sirf dharm ka naash krne walo ko sabk sikhate the.unhone apna poora jivn sabke acchhe future ke liye samarpit kiya hai.aur ye hame bhoolna nahi chahiye..sabhi veer yoddhao ne hamare liye bahut kuch kiya hai.isliye to hm sb aaj safe hai.